Steel strapping tapes are made from heat-rolled strips that are then further cold-rolled (to achieve specific sizes) and subsequently galvanized for improved surface quality.

  • Suitable for both mechanical manual as well as pneumatic devices
  • Connection can be made by cut-through seal or metal clasp
  • High durability
  • Improved work productivity

Polypropylene strapping tapes PP

PP strapping tapes are lightweight, with excellent durability. These tapes can be connected using steel, wire, or plastic clasps with manual strapping tools. Strapping tools use heat or ultrasound joints. These strapping tapes easily adjust to the shape of the strapped item, will not cause damage and the waste from used tapes is ecologically sound and fully recyclable.

  • Suitable for both automatic and manual strapping tools
  • Connections can be made with heat-weld, metal clasp, wire or plastic clasp
  • Easily adjusts to the shapes of strapped items
  • Ecologically sound and fully recyclable
  • Improved productivity
  • Lightweight

Pet strapping tapes 

Generally, PET strapping tapes are becoming the premier packaging material for many industries that emphasize quality packaging. These tapes may be used with a wide variety of our strapping tools, from simple manual operation to fully professional automatic strapping pallet tools.

  • Provides wide range of applications, from simple solutions using claps, to high-capacity weld strapping
  • Sustains long-term constant pressure in the joint, ensuring the safety of goods during transport
  • Resistant to corrosion, UV rays and temperature changes
  • Highly resistant and provides solutions for all industries, construction as well as agriculture
  • Considerably cheaper compared with steel strapping tape
  • Safe manipulation and application
  • A unique combination of strength and elasticity
  • Enables impact absorption during manipulation or transport
  • Fully recyclable
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