Special transport crates are used for the fixation of some bulky parts during the transport. They are used especially in car industry for parts such as car roof panels etc.. However, they are used also in electrical engineering, chemical and food industry and construction.

To these transport crates, it is possible to order metal pallets equipped by storage complements (holders and brackets) made for stable and at the same time gentle fixation of the transported parts. In order to make the handling easier, the transport crates can be equipped by wheels (applies in the case of light versions). The stacking is taken for granted.

The special metal transport crates and pallets can be used for instance for:

  • air-conditioning units
  • engines
  • axle shafts
  • car bumpers
  • windscreens
  • car assembly units usage in general
  • casts
  • roof panels
  • textile rolls
Speciální přepravníky a palety