HDPE foil

HDPE foils are made by blowing melted high-density polyethylene.

The product is a foil in the form of a tube or a tube with side-folds. By cutting these tubes, we obtain half-tubes or flat foils.

Unlike LDPE foils, HDPE has more matte surface, is tougher, more easily crumpled, with a characteristic rustling sound. It is resistant to temperatures from -40°C to +110°C. Polyethylene foil is not ecologically harmful and may be recycled.


  • width, 100mm (tube 200mm) - 2000mm
  • maximum circumference, 18m
  • thickness, 10-100 my 


  • UV stabilization – against solar radiation, usually for 12 to 24 months
  • Through-coloring – according to samples, indicated in percentages
  • Print – maximum, colors
  • Ionization – surface treatment necessary prior to printing
  • Perforation – micro or macro perforation in various locations
  • Antistatic treatment – against the occurrence of static electricity
  • Cutouts – according to client specification

HDPE fólie
HDPE fólie
HDPE fólie