EUR pallets

In Europe, the EURO pallet is a very often used transport pallet. It is very specifically defined: a wooden surface of 0, 96 m squared and dimensions 1200x800x144 mm (L x W x H). The net weight of the pallet is 20 – 24 kg, depending on how damp the wood is. It is joined together by 78 special nails. The EURO pallet is four-sided, that is to say, it can be picked up and moved by an automatic handling device or by a fork lift truck from all of its four sides.

The pallet is conforming to the railway regulations of the International Union of Railways (UIC) and is eligible for the European Pallet Association (EPAL).

The EURO pallet is an exchangeable pallet. That means the pallet is not returned to its original owned after unloading the goods. Instead, it is reused for the load of other goods or is handed over to a forwarding company. The exchange criteria are quite strictly defined. The pallet is non-exchangeable if:

  • the pallet has not been made by a licensed producer
  • the EUR label is missing
  • a board is missing
  • a board is damaged so that nails or screw shanks are revealed
  • a block is missing or split to the point where more than one nail shank is visible
  • the overall condition of the pallet is poor (the pallet is dirty, the wood is rotten)
  • the pallet has been repaired by a non-authorised producer