LDPE foils are made of low-density polyethylene The product is a foil in the form of a tube or a tube with side-folds. By cutting these tubes, we obtain half-tubes or flat foils.

Among their basic properties are good welding ability and shrinkage under heat, high chemical resistance to both common and high temperatures, negligible moisture absorption and good electric-insulation properties, including temperature resistance from -50°C to +85°C.

Polyethylene foil is not ecologically harmful and may be recycled.


  • Width, 60-2800mm
  • Maximum circumference, 18m
  • Thickness, 25-200 my


  • Shrinking ability – suitable for group packaging
  • UV stabilization – against solar radiation, usually for 12 to 24 months
  • Through-coloring – according to samples, indicated in percentages
  • Print – maximum, 6 colors
  • Anticorrosive treatment – slows down the corrosion of packaged goods
  • Ionization – surface treatment necessary prior to printing
  • Sliding treatment – for improved opening of bags
  • Perforation – micro or macro perforation in various locations
  • Antistatic treatment – against the occurrence of static electricity
  • Cutouts – according to client specification
  • Rough-surface bands – for improved fixation during transport
  • Antiblock – against adhesion

LDPE fólie
LDPE fólie
LDPE fólie
LDPE fólie
LDPE fólie