Bags made of EPE, or laminates with various materials used in industrial production.


  • Tear resistant
  • Buffers impacts
  • Protection against scratching, dust, dirt
  • Optional printing
  • Various sizes

Thanks to using foam polyethylene sheets (EPE Expanded Polyethylene) in the structure of the product, we achieve not only the actual protective function of the packaging, but at the same time, the packaging buffers mechanical stress during storage, manipulation and particularly during transport.

The EPE foam on the interior of the bag protects the product from scratches and soiling, while the external HDPE or LDPE foil provides strength and ensures a quality weld.

The lamination is crated with continual heat over a hot-cylinder.


  • Thickness, (EPE/HDPE or LDPE): 0.8 / 0.01 mm - 4 / 0.05 mm
  • Width, 250 mm - 1600 mm
  • Length, 250 mm - 3500 mm


Small or large bags may be custom printed. Initial through-coloring of the bag is optional, but depends on the size of orders.